Duane wants an agent now…

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I gotta tell you, folks — I have worked for U2, interviewed famous people and been on television and radio as a broadcast journalist…but I have never been as star struck as I am today, because…our pooch Duane is on our favorite web site of all time — Cute Overload!

I submitted the photo back when we got D, and visit CO on a regular basis with our 21-month-old son Finn to check on the adventures of the various animals, to share what sounds they make and generally get our dose of happy. Imagine our delight when we scrolled down and saw our “Dane”, as Finn calls him! I submitted the photo a long time ago, and just thought the folks over at Cute O thought he wasn’t (sob!) cute enough. NOT SO!! There he is, in all his sweet puppy glory.

I loved reading the comments, and am so pleased that people think our D is as delightful as we do!

I especially liked these comments:
Meaghan said, “With paws like that you know he’ll grow up to be a HUGE dog who will galumph through the house, bull-in-a-china-stop style, and insist on sleeping in bed with you and sitting on your lap while you watch TV.” HA! It’s like you know him Meaghan!
Theresa replied, “Also throw crushing cross-body blocks at you and all your friends.”. Aha! Have you been to our house, Theresa? I think so…because you are totally correct.
And BB/VA said, “Or try to climb into your lap during thunderstorms.” And yes…that is true too.

And I thought I’d tell you a little more about him, like where he’s from and what he’s doing now, to keep his growing fan base up to speed. (He’s taking it all in stride, alternately snoring and tooting under the desk as I write this.)

We got our pooch, who was then named Chokeo, at the LA SPCA. He and his litter mates and their German Shepherd mama were rescued from the streets of East LA and brought in. One look at this photo on their web site, and I absolutely knew he was the member of the family we had been waiting for. (D is a Lab/Shepherd/something else — maybe Chow or Pit mix.) Just look at those sweet eyes, at the kissable jowls, at the wrinkly neck!

I was all “stick a fork in me, I am done!!”. He went through some drama to get him (I may have had to do my hair that morning. We may have been late to the SPCA. Another family may have claimed him. We may have had to wait around for them to come get him. They may not have. We may have been so relieved we almost cried. Maybe.)

Well, we ended up bringing Duane home to be a part of our family. At the time we were quite naive about puppy training, and thought we could teach him to do his business in a box with a liner. I think the “you want me to do what where??” expression on D’s face just about says all we need to say about that…

Duane settled into life with his new mama and papa, and was a great companion for me as I wrote. At the time I was editor-in-chief of a magazine in California, and D would nap while I wrote. He was the perfect writing companion!

He became my muse – every day there was (and still is!) a new opportunity for a great shot. He’s just a funny, sweet pooch!

He enjoyed long runs at the Huntington Dog Beach, and the drive home, too, as well as chilling out after the exercise.

And then one day, when we found out that I was pregnant, we decided to say goodbye to California, and come back home to Vancouver. A new beach awaited Duane, and he wistfully said farewell to California.

To get Duane properly outfitted for living the true Vancouver lifestyle, his grandma sewed him a rain coat – though he thinks it makes him look like the Pope.

Now living in the North Shore mountains, D leads a very adventurous and active life with runs in the North Shore mountains (his buddies at North Shore Dog Walkers take him out twice a week, and his Papa takes him out for walks at night and for a mountain bike rides and trail runs on the weekend!). He also does his best to scare his mama when he lies in the sandbox and does his best impression of a black bear, who are common in these parts.

We want everyone to know we appreciated the comments on the Cute Overload post, so much! Duane is a very loved dog, with his fans far-ranging and certainly, at home. (Two of our son’s favorite words are “poochy” and “Dane”.) He’s three and a half years and is just now starting to mellow out, but we’re kind of sad about that already as with maturity comes a white muzzle. Still, we think he’s going to be with us for a very long time.

(And by the way, the expression that launched the CO post and this one here? We still get it every single day…oh yes we do love this pooch so very much.)

Duane helps us out with all dog product reviews, so please come back to see more of him in the future!

Thank you for stopping by, and to Cute Overload for sharing the Duane love.

Live like you mean it,

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  1. Gail Nowakowsky says:

    That’s my bud- Duane!! He is a real sweetie and I love him! He was my companion, sitting under the table, while I sewed drapes and he likes to share the sofa with me when I sit there and knit.

    Grandma Gail

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