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Make everything with love. You see that sentiment in this space quite a lot…we talk about it as our mission statement of sorts, we put in on a postcard that we give out, and a poster we are selling for your own home.

Image by Sonja Younger, flickr.

We say it so much because it kind of says it all.

I came across an utterly amazing essay called The Commodification of Love, by The Minimalists. It’s the kind of thing I wish I had written myself, only I wouldn’t have been able to express myself and these thoughts and values I share with the author so elegantly.

The next point that I would make from my personal perspective after having read his essay is that just as we really do not show our love by buying someone something bright and shiny, we do show our love by making someone something…no matter whether it is bright and shiny, dull and crudely made, delicious or even a failed attempt at being so.

Handmade things are infused with love, this I truly believe. When I am cooking for the people I love, I think of them. I remember times together (happy and not-so-happy, because I don’t shut any memories out of my mind when I am in the zone), think of our past and our future, and remind myself of all the reasons why I love them.

I’ve always believed it to be a lovely and even powerful practice: to infuse a dish, a loaf of bread, a quilt or a shirt or a sweater or heck, even a crocheted toilet paper roll cover…with love, wishes and dreams for someone.

Who knows — perhaps that’s one of the reasons that our son Finn has defied some pretty incredible odds, having been born three months early and now being a strapping, crazy-smart and funny almost-28-month-old.

And frankly, maybe that’s why I haven’t lost my marbles, having been through a lot of the crazy sh*t that life can throw at a person. Infusing threads and fibers and ingredients with positivity is just as healing and hopeful to the person who is doing the giving as it is to the person doing the receiving.

Tonight for dinner we’re having a homemade heart-shaped pizza, and I plan to tell my guys many (because who can list all…) the reasons I love them.

Happy Valentine’s Day…

Live like you mean it,

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