Make: Snow Ice Cream recipe

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Is there still snow in your neck of the woods? There’s a fresh dusting on our North Shore mountains, and the ski hills we’re nestled in at the base of are doing a brisk business, so it’s safe to say this recipe contributed by our writer Kelsey Banfield, isn’t coming to you too late at all. Find some snow – this is a fun one! Kelsey, take it away!

When life gives you snow, make Snow Cream!

We haven’t had many heavy storms this winter, but whenever we’ve woken up to a freshly fallen snow we’ve rushed to make a fresh batch of snow cream. Sure, I could make a more traditional ice cream recipe, but this homemade snow cream is so easy and fun to make with kids. It is kind of like a cross between ice cream and a slushy and is the perfect way to turn fresh snow into a truly delicious experience.

The first time we made this in January, my daughter had a long debate about which flavor to make. Eventually we landed on making it taste like lemonade, though our leftover holiday (non-alcoholic) eggnog was a close second. (For the record, I’ve done that before and it is awesome.)

After collecting and churning our near insta-ice cream we served it scooped up in little drink cups with spoons. It was cute and fun and they were clearly ideal for little mouths. Refreshing and bright, it tasted just like a frozen lemonade.

Naturally, I always make way more than we can eat in one sitting, but I don’t worry about that. Once the cream is made it will keep in the freezer. If it lasts that long!

Snow Cream
*All photos courtesy of Jessica Nicole Photography
8 cups fresh snow
8 ounces whipping cream
1/3 cup granulated sugar
1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice
½ teaspoon lemon extract

1. Scoop the light and fluffy snow into a very large bowl.
2. Whisk together the cream, sugar, lemon juice and lemon extract until the sugar is dissolved.

Pour it over the snow and stir the snow until it is very thick and creamy. Add a little more snow, if needed, to thicken.

Serve immediately!

Live like you mean it,

Kelsey Banfield is The Naptime Chef, and at thenaptimechef.com, she shares webisodes, recipes and ideas on how to fit delicious food into everyday family life, without compromising quality or taste. She is also the author of the upcoming cookbook, The Naptime Chef: Fitting Great Food Into Family Life (Running Press, Spring 2012). Kelsey writes a daily column on Babble’s food blog, The Family Kitchen.

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