A sweet and simple new way to wrap your handmade goodies!

Thursday March 22nd 2012, AT 7:29AM   5 Comments;

This weekend I was getting ready for a baby shower, as usual, at the last minute. I haven’t worn any amount of makeup in a long time, and having suffered with this blasted cold for the past two weeks, wasn’t feeling or looking my best. I texted Cynthia, “I am trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!”, and forged ahead with blush and mascara.

One thing I was quite happy about, though, was how my gift turned out. Here are a few shots of it — only my third baby quilt ever — in the beginning stages…

I had finished it so late I didn’t even get a good shot of the finished product before I had to wrap it…and then I couldn’t find my ribbon box! BLEARGH! was the sound that came out of me.

I quickly improvised, rushing into my office and grabbing a sheet of our Delish General Store pennant stickers and our MADE WITH LOVE stamp.

Et voila! A new handmade goody wrap was born!

I really love the shape and simplicity of this sticker, and am definitely using it as my trademark handmade gift wrapper from now on.

And about that baby shower? It didn’t matter one bit that I hadn’t been feeling very well put together when I walked out the door, the minute I saw old friends. And the quilt is now in its new, happy home! Good luck with the baby boy, Karran and Andrew!! (He’s due to make his arrival a few weeks into April!)

Make everything with love,

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5 Responses to “A sweet and simple new way to wrap your handmade goodies!”

  1. Elaine Papworth says:

    Your quilt is adorable..looks so cozy. And do you mind if I “borrow” your ‘made with love’ sticker? I usually preface my homemade gifts with “I’m not much of a seamstress/quilter/crocheter, but it was MADE WITH LOVE”. Will we be seeing you again in October? Hope so! elaine

    • admin says:

      Hi Elain! I wouldn’t mind at all – I’d be honored! Have you found the pennant stickers anywhere in your neck of the woods? I started carrying them because I couldn’t find them in shops here!
      I HOPE you will, we are working on it!!

      Big hug,

  2. Karran says:

    Thank you Tamara! I LOVE my handmade quilt. I’m so impressed with your talent and style. This will be a special gift that our family treasures always. The quilt is absolutely beautiful! The stitching is perfect. Wow, I’m so fortunate to have such amazing friends. xoxo

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