Made with Love — a Hello Kitty Party!

Wednesday April 4th 2012, AT 9:34AM   3 Comments;

Hi, my name is Cynthia and I love planning (my) kids’ parties.

There. I said it.

Having three kids, it seems there is never shortage of ideas to throw around, boards to make on Pinterest, invitations to design and gifts to sew. Over the years I’ve done themes such as a monkey party, robots, monsters, rainbows, flowers, circus (to name a few). I let the kids pick an idea with me and then off we go! This year, Daisy and I chose a Hello Kitty theme. What a better pick for a special little girl turning 4! She’s not into Barbies, My Little Ponies or Polly Pockets, but she LOVES Hello Kitty. That I can do!

After an overall idea was created (more of a classic Hello Kitty with minimal pink), she later threw me for a tailspin and said she wanted it to be a Hello Kitty/Lollipop party. Hmm. Not terribly tricky, but with a two-year-old as well, I didn’t really want him running around with a lollipop in his mouth. So, my solution was to make some yummy cake pops a la Bakerella! This was my second attempt to make the suckers and I must say it went a bit smoother this time (the first time was a total bust) so I can only hope that they get easier with more practice!

A gift that I have been planning to make for eons, was to craft up some crayons for her. I’ve been saving our old broken Crayola crayons for what feels like forever, in hopes of being able to melt them down in a fun mold. Well, Christmas snuck up on me and I didn’t get them done. After searching around in January for a mold, I found none other than a Hello Kitty one on eBay and make some special crayons for my girlie.

I found a Hello Kitty Ice Cube Tray on Amazon for $13.45 and I think would work well.

It’s hard to plan games for little ones, and one game that is always a hit and easy to do, is a pinning game. For my son’s 6th Monster theme party, we did Pin the Eyeball on the Monster. But for Daisy, this one was Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty! I hand painted Hello Kitty onto some canvas (one of the best purchases I have made — scored yards and yards of it years ago, even before kids, and it’s become such a valuable item for parties!), as well as some bows, stitched up the sides and added a dowel. The bows were ‘pinned’ with just masking tape on the back — voila! An easy peasy game, and even the boys played it!

Goody bags and I have a sort of love/hate relationship so I keep it simple. These fab bag are from the Delish General Store (you’ll be able to purchase them soon!) and inside I put some stickers, Pocky, and a couple treats. To keep with the theme, I also used (not pictured) our red stripe and pink polka dot paper straws!

I always have a blast baking the cakes. This one was two layers in pink and red with a lemon curd filling and a light (not calorie light!) whipped cream. The cake topper (also the same image of Hello Kitty I used for the game) was also a spoon for the birthday girl to eat her cake! The Hello Kitty Spoon Cake Topper is just $4.95 on Amazon.

Here is a better shot of my Daisy on her actual birthday, not looking like a hot mess. I’m starting a new tradition with her — she got her very own wee bouquet of flowers delivered to her from the Birthday Fairy — I think she was tickled pink!

Overall, the party was a hit! Now I have until October to plan the next one…

Make everything with love,

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3 Responses to “Made with Love — a Hello Kitty Party!”

  1. Lysa says:

    I love seeing what you do for your kids parties, you can tell they are for sure made with love!

    What a sweet idea of the birthday fairy delivering a bouquet of flowers! If you’re talking to him in the next little while, mind letting him know he’s a little behind on my deliveries :)

  2. admin says:

    Hey Lysa! Thanks so much :D

    And I agree — I would appreciate some, too! xx

  3. So enjoyable to read :) She is so adorable and i love the idea of a ‘Birthday Fairy’ bringing her flower!

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