Get your craft on!! It’s Got Craft! Week on Delish (Part 1)

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Do you have Sunday, May 6th already dedicated to Got Craft? on your calendar? If not, and if you live in the Lower Mainland, then get it on there and make sure to get yourself there bright and early! Last time as we were getting set up, people were lining up…after all, the first 50 attendees get a really awesome gift bag.

We’re giving away a really cute little package of 15 yards of swanky black and white baker’s twine! (If you can’t make it, you can get the twine in the Delish General Store starting next week…)

My lovely partner-in-crime (err, design!) Cynthia and I will be there, representing Delish Magazine and the Store as well, with goodies for giveaway and sale. Who else will be there? This week we’ll be letting you know, so be sure to check back every day for more.

Spring Got Craft? vendors Part 1

Abeego Designs
Abeego food storage items offer a healthier and more cost effective alternative to plastic food wrap and single-use plastic bags. Use them to top food containers in the refrigerator, or to wrap cheese, sandwiches, snacks and more. They are easy to clean and when cleaned right, will last and last.
Bake Sale Baking Co.
Any company who describes themselves as offering things “just like grandma used to make them”, has gotten my heart. And let me tell you, I’ve sampled their goodies and they have my sweet tooth too! From past experience, this place will have a line up early and it’ll last through the whole event, so don’t miss out on the yumminess.
You’ll see a lot of handcrafters at this sale, like Banoo, who use these events to supplement their sales from other places, such as etsy. The bonuses abound: being able to touch and feel the wares, AND saving on shipping! I can’t wait to check out these adorable handmade accessories for men and women.
The Beautiful Project
I am SUCH a sucker for a nice card, or any beautiful paper objet, really. I’ve already earmarked a few things I might need to have, including their sweet recipe cards, and perhaps just maybe a few “Sorry For Being Such An Ass” note cards…to have on hand in case of emergency.

Craft sales are not just for women, and this really cool company will prove that to any men in attendance. For gentlemen seeking sartorial assistance, Belvedere’s selection of “men’s accessories…inspired by the gentlemen of the 1950s as well as today’s modern chap” will shine like a beacon.

Stay tuned for more excitement-building around here on Delish, for this, Got Craft! Week…from today through the whole week (including the weekend), we’ll be bringing great designers and products to you. If you’re a local, you can come down and see them in person, Sunday, May 6 between 10am and 5pm (details here), and if you don’t live here, make sure to check out their web sites.

Make everything with love,

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  1. Yay im excited for this week :)

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