Got Craft? Part 3

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We have a serious love affair with craft-type events. Okay, sometimes craft translates to crap, but there are quite a few solid events that you just know you better prepare for, with good, comfy shoes and a wallet full of cash. Got Craft? is just one of those. Founded in 2007, Got Craft? is offered twice a year – in May and December. It’s the anti-mall shopping day, and has a really great mood, vibe and…vendors. Wow. Check some of them out, and please do come back for part 4 tomorrow. We’re sharing 8 a day until the end of this week (weekend included).

Craftworks Society
There are so many reasons to support this vendor. Their goodies are “Homesewn gifts made with care by adults with disabilities”, and there are a few things to love in that descriptor. Homesewn? Sign me up. Gifts made with care? They’re gonna be adorable. And “by adults with disabilities”? It’s always, always wonderful to know that a purchase supports someone who might be having a tough time.

dani press
I love these cards, I love the stories of where they came from, and I love the pairing of photography and words that make you think. The designer/artisan Dani, and she says, “i have wanted this for nearly ten years. to have a card line of wayward travel photos and old typewriter text to inspire people, to give them the words they want to say but don’t know how to, to give something meaningful.” Mission accomplished, girl!

Delish Magazine/Delish General Store
And that brings us to…us! We’ll be there representing the magazine, asking people to subscribe to our newsletter if they’d like to get in-the-know about new issues, contests and other news. We will also have a good selection of the goodies you see in the Delish General Store (posters, paper straws, and stickers including our great MADE WITH LOVE stickers), plus a few more new things we don’t even have up yet! Won’t you come on by and say hello?

district thirty
Say hello to more eye candy in the form of necklaces, earrings and rings from this designer. Featuring “locally handcrafted precious metal and stone jewelry inspired by nature and individuality”, I’ve seen this designer’s work before and absolutely love just about every item.

Divina Denuevo, Pieces of II
These leather purses, accessories and one of a kind items are made from, wherever possible, reclaimed leather, and feature antique and vintage hardware and adornments.
I am looking forward to checking out the uber-cool Cambden Rustic Leather Business Card Holder, with its “Pop Up” Design.

eikcam ceramics
If you try to walk by this table without stopping to browse, you really won’t get far. Even though I have known about Grace Lee and eikcam’s ceramics and jewelry for a few years, I always have to stop and admire, and contemplate a purchase every time I see her wares.

It was love at first sniff for me, when I first came across Feest during the last Got Craft? event. I actually wrote an effusive post about that, here. Since then, designer Miranda has added to the candles with a whole bunch of great products you can expect to find at her table, including bath products, illustrated kitchen linens, prints and more. I’ll be stocking up for gifts — for family, friends, and myself!

Firefly Notes
The fun vintage inspired items from Firefly Notes include cards, tins, magnets, prints, tea towels, and more! You can find something for your home, something to wear, and even something funny just to look at. Perfect little inexpensive goodies to keep on hand as gifts, or gift (as I like to do!) yourself.

I hope you’re enjoying reading about the vendors who will be setting up shop at Got Craft? on Sunday, May 6! For those of you who are not local, you can still get your hands on anything that catches your eye by visiting the artisans’ web sites.

See you tomorrow with more Spring Got Craft? vendors!

Make everything with love,

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