Got Craft? Part 4

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Welcome back to Got Craft? Week here at Delish! Every day this week we’re bringing you a quick hit on each vendor who will be at the Vancouver Spring event, happening on Sunday, May 6.

There doesn’t seem to be a web site for this designer, but the Got Craft page says this: “Handmade leather accessories. Veggie tanned and latigo belts, a collection of unique cuffs and incredibly durable guitar straps.” Sounds good to me, I’ll check them out!

The Gluten Free Epicurean
At the last event, we had the good fortune to be sitting next to this fantastic table. By virtue of our location, we also had a ring side seat for the lengthy lineup that they attracted throughout the day! Here’s one thing we can tell you, from experience: come early, and get some apple fritters. They just might change your life. One of these days we want to interview the owner/baker…so do stay tuned for that.

Created in a garage space/studio with music or the Food Network as company, this jewelry line features stained glass, metal work, beads and other found objects. The designer must have a wonderful time making her creations! I’m looking forward to seeing it all in person.

honey canada
I bought myself a little treat during the last Got Craft? event, from this vendor. It was the Christmas sale, and I got her last felt ball wreath. And while it’s already mid-April, it is still hanging on my office door — not from laziness, no, but because it’s simply too cute to put away. Definitely stop by this table! (I’ll see you there!)

Just Potters
I have two small pinch bowls from these fine folks, perfect to use as a salt cellar or to put beside the sink to hold rings. I am absolutely enamored with the pitcher in the picture, and will have to try to find it this time. These ceramic pieces are made by potters in East Vancouver who are overcoming barriers in their lives. The organization behind the initiative, JustWork, aims to provide “dignity and community through work”.

Kawaii Eats
Oh, THIS is a table I’m interested to see! Take French specialties like macarons and other pastries, and add in a healthy dose of Japanese adorableness, and you’ve got the new Kawaii Eats.

Map jewelry – what a perfect way to commemorate a trip taken, or a dream destination! Kohana takes custom orders, and there will also be a nice selection of their necklaces, lockets, earrings, rings, cufflinks, keychains, drawer pulls, bookmarks and wine stoppers at Got Craft?.

Creative, vintage-inspired, handcrafted earrings are on offer from this vendor. I love her cute and cheerful take on accessories, as well as her firm belief that great fashion can be affordable and produced locally!

Until tomorrow, everyone — have a great day!

Make everything with love,

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2 Responses to “Got Craft? Part 4”

  1. Lana says:

    Thank you for the shout-out!

    I am very excited for Got Craft?, it will be my first time as a vendor at that market!

    Mention you heard about me from Delish Magazine and I will give you a discount on your purchase!

    I also do custom orders; any order made during Got Craft? will receive free shipping!

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