Scout Vendors: Hello Fletcher! and local grain

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Delish Magazine is honored to be a sponsor of the upcoming Scout Handmade + Vintage Market! This fantastic event is brought to you by Rachel & Lily of Birch & Bird Vintage Home Interiors, the same dynamic duo who brought you the Fieldstone Vintage Market.

From now until May 25th, Delish will be bringing the sellers to our readers! Consider this a sneak peek to entice you to come to the market (make sure to say hi to us at the Delish General Store booth!), or an introduction to an amazing artisan, handcrafter or business for those of you who are not local to the Lower Mainland, or cannot make it out. Check back every day for new vendors!

Scout Vintage + Handmade Market Info

When: May 25th-26th, 2012
Friday, May 25th from 6-9pm will be open to ticket holders and invited guests only. A limited number of tickets will be available to purchase on April 15th for a First Dibs night of shopping, wine + cheese and live entertainment. Saturday, May 26th will be open to the public from 10am-4pm for a small admission fee.
Where:The Parallel Marketplace (across from Thrifty Foods) 1920 North Parallel Road, Abbotsford BC.

Partial proceeds of the admission will go to a local charity, Life Recovery, a non-profit residential women’s recovery program.

And now on to the vendors!

Hello Fletcher!

Owner/artisan: Leanna Maksymiuk

Portrait: Sharalee Prang Photography

What is the story behind your business?

I have been selling dolls for years as Poot & Boogie, but I wanted to take a break from the dolls and make something for adults. I felt like I was spending so much time making dolls that I wasn’t spending anytime making other things for myself! I wanted to make stuff that was bright and fun… so Hello Fletcher! was developed.

Where and when do you craft your goodies?

You would think that being a stay at home mom would give me tonnes of time to work on stuff, but really I work occasionally during the day if the kids are playing, but mostly it’s into the wee hours after everyone else has gone to sleep. I have my sewing machine set up on the kitchen table, so if I can squeeze in 10 minutes of sewing I take it!

What will you be selling at Scout?

I will be selling one of a kind (OOAK) colorful fabric rope necklaces and bracelets for women and tie yourself freestyle bow ties for men (or women I suppose!) There will also be a few other goodies, but I still don’t have all the details on that yet.

Why do you like these events?

I have had the pleasure of participating with Birch and Bird in two of their previous markets and I had such a good time. Basically when I heard that they were doing Scout I knew that I had to be part of it. Lily and Rachel do such a great job of gathering up the perfect mix of new and vintage. There is a buzz in the air in the markets, people are so excited and happy to be there that you can’t help but just stand there and smile. I have participated in other markets where I could sit and read a book for most of the day, but not with these girls! I didn’t get to sit once! Which (unfortunately for my feet) is fantastic!!!

What is next for you, personally and professionally?

I am really not sure yet, to be honest. I have really enjoyed switching gears, but part of me misses those little doll faces. I have another project in mind to help raise awareness for Down syndrome so I might take a break and work on that. I always find the summer to be a bit more productive, so who knows maybe I will do a little bit of everything! All I know is that if Birch and Bird are having a summer market I want to be part of it!

Find it here: Hello Fletcher!

local grain

Owner/artisan: Kimberley Francis

What is the story behind your business?

Local grain began last fall as a personal ‘art therapy’ measure, when my dad introduced me his scroll saw during an early sabbatical. After five years of creative process squeezed by the constant deadlines of art school, I was longing for that dreamy feeling that comes with losing oneself in the simplicity of process based work — where the end is unknown until you just feel like it’s time to stop.

My practice prior to working with wood had been mostly textile based surface design. I find the scroll saw to be quite similar to free motion embroidery. There is infinite freedom in this process, basically drawing whatever my heart desires — or a client requests — in wood.

Where and when do you craft your goodies?

My dad graciously shares his woodshop with me, and serves as my ongoing mentor. The smaller sculptural pieces — like the maple teething pendants, and jewellery — I seem to always have on hand. Keeping several grits of sandpaper in my handbag, I smooth away the rough edges on long car rides or while visiting friends.

What will you be selling at Scout?

I think dads can be kinda tricky to buy for sometimes, and so with Scout being just a few weeks before Father’s Day, I’m going to bring an armload of silhouettes featuring various narratives that I think will resonate with dads — families walking along the beach, a couple of kayakers out for a paddle, tall trees and mountain bikes. Each works with the natural grain of the wood, so the landscape is often there — before I even begin!

Why do you like these events?

The Birch and Birch Events are aesthetically off the charts. The cross pollination of ideas and the collaboration that naturally occurs are what I’m there for. I also like the deadlines. For example for Scout, we were invited to come up with 150 multiples of something interesting for the ‘Friday preview night’ gift bags . I decided to riff on the idea of a perfume sample, substituting a fragrant red cedar token that can be redeemed for a really good deal on one of those Father’s Day pieces I was mentioning earlier.

What is next for you, personally and professionally?

More of the same. I just started in October, so these are still really early days for ‘local grain’.

Find it here:

Scout Vintage + Handmade Market Info

See them here: Scout Vintage + Handmade Market

And see you there!

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  1. colleen says:

    Oh wow…great interviews & great questions!..I love reading about what excites and motivates a fun to get to know these talented individuals! Now off I go to their web sites!
    As always thanks Tamara & DELISH!

  2. What great interviews! I just love reading about other peoples’ creative processes…can’t wait to see what you girls bring to Scout, the countdown is on :)

  3. Leanna says:

    Thanks Cynthia and Tamara for the opportunity to be featured here! See you at SCOUT!

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