Scout Vendors: Bee’s Knees and My Brown Bag Studio

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Delish Magazine is honored to be a sponsor of the upcoming Scout Handmade + Vintage Market! This fantastic event is brought to you by Rachel & Lily of Birch & Bird Vintage Home Interiors, the same dynamic duo who brought you the Fieldstone Vintage Market.

From now until May 25th, Delish will be bringing the sellers to our readers! Consider this a sneak peek to entice you to come to the market (make sure to say hi to us at the Delish General Store booth!), or an introduction to an amazing artisan, handcrafter or business for those of you who are not local to the Lower Mainland, or cannot make it out. Check back every day for new vendors!

Bee’s Knees Bodyworks

Owner/artisan: Trish Nicol

Sharalee Prang Photography

What is the story behind your business?

About the name: Bee’s Knees does not refer to the use of bee products (although I do use beeswax in a few of my products), it refers to the popular phrase of the 1920s meaning the best or the ultimate!
About the Queen Bee: My name is Trish Nicol and I started Bee’s Knees Bodyworks in 2010, after several years of making soaps, lotions and lip balms as a hobby. I find it so personally rewarding to make and share high quality, natural body care products for friends, like you! I am married with three kids and live in Chilliwack, BC.

My motto is: Good. Clean. Fun.
Good – every ingredient that I use is of the highest cosmetic grade quality. I carefully choose the most beneficial ingredients for each product, such as shea butter (super moisturizing), calendula oil (healing), chamomile (soothing), aloe vera (healing and soothing), plus vitamins and therapeutic essential oils, using organic whenever possible. My products are all at least 95% natural.
Clean – We know about ‘eating clean’, not eating over-processed foods, so how about not putting chemicals and over-processed products on the largest organ of our bodies – our skin! My products are proudly: SLS free, Paraben Free, Phthalate Free and Petrochemical Free.
Fun – Bathing and caring for your skin should be an enjoyable experience, that’s why I take care in choosing and designing pleasing packaging, using the very best essential and fragrance oils and the best natural ingredients, for your pleasure!

Where and when do you craft your goodies?

I used to make my products on my kitchen island, but my family got really tired of me declaring the kitchen counters a food-free zone and chasing them out of the kitchen, so I recently took over the staff room kitchen at our business (luckily there is only one employee!) and set up shop – it is so great to have all of my supplies in a central place! I craft my goodies when it’s slow during work hours, or in the evenings and weekends if there is a market coming up. Basically when I can fit it in! I was also able to take over a glorified closet as my display room/store at the business, so it is great not to have to haul totes out of my garage when a customer comes to buy something!

What will you be selling at Scout?

At Scout Vintage Market I will be selling my usual lovely soaps, lotions, lip balms, creams, facial care products, cupcake soaps, bath salts, etc., but I’m really excited to introduce a couple of new products – Bug Off – a natural, d.e.e.t. free insect repellent made with essential oils like lavender, black pepper, lemongrass and the secret ingredient – catnip essential oil. Hmm, not so secret anymore! This product smells great and it really works. The second product I will be debuting at the Scout Vintage Market is my naturally antibacterial Yoga Mat Spray – if you don’t want to end up with a foot fungus on your forehead, I suggest that after your next Savasana, use my Yoga Mat Spray to get rid of the nasties!

Why do you like these events?

Markets are a great way to meet and connect with my customers and see their reactions to the products. I will sometimes try out a new product to see how it sells and customer reactions before deciding whether to carry it as a regular item. It is also really great to meet the other vendors – I am always so amazed by their creativity, it is inspiring! It’s also fun to do product swaps with other vendors, definitely a win-win.

What is next for you, personally and professionally?

My goal for the next couple of years is to get my product into some stores, manage my time more effectively and continue to enjoy my family.

Find it here: Bee’s Knees Bodyworks

My Brown Bag Studio

Owner/artisan: Kimberly Friesen

What is the story behind your business?

When my first daughter was born 15 years ago, and I found myself as a new stay-at-home momma, I began sewing baby bibs. Sewing baby bibs quickly led to selling baby bibs, and I thought that wrapping them in a cute coordinating bag would be a good way to get my name out there. I called them ‘Brown Bag Bibs’ and have sewed literally hundreds through the years. Around the time I started sewing, I also started tole painting and now I just paint for my annual Christmas House. ‘My Brown Bag Studio’ was a blog I started in 2008 both in honor of ‘Brown Bag Bibs’, and in anticipation of where my sewing and creating might take me. Today I’m still a stay-at-home momma, still blogging, still creating, and so thankful where God has led me!

Where and when do you craft your goodies?

I create every day! My sewing studio/office is always in a state of creative disorganization and the best part about it is that I often have to fight my daughters for my own sewing machine. (I love that my desire to create has rubbed off on them!) But I don’t just work there… dinner at my parents’ means hand stitching projects, school pick up means extra time for sewing the binding on a quilt while waiting in the car, and I have a regular Tuesday Timeout with my best girlfriend where we set aside the day to just sew and hang out.

What will you be selling at Scout?

I’m so very excited about this market! I will be selling lots and lots of hand sewn goodies…from purses and pouches (my new love to sew!) to quilted pieces… from kitchen decor and aprons to bunting and ruffled brooches. Something for everyone, and their best friend, and their best friend’s momma too!

Why do you like these events?

I love events like this for many reasons. To me, being at an artisan market means having the chance to really visit with my customers. I do have two etsy shops where I sell my wares online, but I’m a people person and love to meet face to face! I enjoy the variety that you see from booth to booth and the quality items that people create with their hands is just amazing. I just feel blessed to have the chance to participate in this Market! Since my family has grown up attending events like this with me, my girls have even started selling cards, sock monkeys, and handpainted pencils that they’ve created with great success… I’m so proud to see their friends be inspired by their abilities. It really does a momma good!

What is next for you, personally and professionally?

Well, since my family is currently firmly rooted in the early teenage years, I’m sure that my immediate personal life will revolve largely around driving my girls from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’… thank goodness for hand sewing! My husband loves woodworking so I hope to one day have a crash course in his workshop as there just aren’t enough hours in the day for him to build everything I’d like him to! I hope to keep sewing and creating. I’d like to design, and then have others sew along with me. Creativity, I think, is just good for the soul!

Find it here: My Brown Bag Studio

Scout Vintage + Handmade Market Info

When: May 25th-26th, 2012
Friday, May 25th from 6-9pm will be open to ticket holders and invited guests only. A limited number of tickets will be available to purchase on April 15th for a First Dibs night of shopping, wine + cheese and live entertainment. Saturday, May 26th will be open to the public from 10am-4pm for a small admission fee.
Where:The Parallel Marketplace (across from Thrifty Foods) 1920 North Parallel Road, Abbotsford BC.
Partial proceeds of the admission will go to a local charity, Life Recovery, a non-profit residential women’s recovery program.

See them here: Scout Vintage + Handmade Market

And see you there!

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