Your fingernails will thank you…the Freekey is coming to Canada!

Monday June 25th 2012, AT 2:26PM   5 Comments;

Every now and a truly revolutionary product comes along. I may be biased because I love mine and because I sell them in the store, but the Cuppow kind of falls into that category.

It costs $8, and it turns a wide mouth canning jar into a travel mug. Plain and simple.

Having done a few markets with Delish General Store now and getting the Cuppow out into the buying public, I can report that the enthusiastic response to this little beauty just affirms my original inkling. That is, it’s a cool product but that’s not all — it’s also totally useful and a problem-solver. I LOVE that sort of thing. But it’s not easy to find those products. more often than not, we are just being sold crap that will pile up in our drawers and shelves being completely and totally useless.

I’m not convinced that we need plastic protectors for each and every individual fruit and vegetable that spend time in our refrigerators, lunch kits and bags, for instance. I love me some Banana Guards, but I have seen them for all manner of produce and can’t help but wonder if it’s not overkill.

One of our newest products in the store, though, is totally smart. The reCAP Mason Jar Lid is a pouring spout for your standard jars!

They sell for $7.50 a topper, and I can see all sorts of uses for these, from maple syrup and honey to other non-sticky liquids (it’s even great to use as a drink jar/bottle topper), and even sugar, instant coffee and tea for your pantry, a picnic or a camping trip. We sold out of these really quickly at the wonderful Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market this past Saturday, and will have more in stock the week of July 2nd.

But the item I am MOST jazzed about right now? Holy COW! I have been trying to get this little beauty into the shop for months now, and not only have I succeeded, but Delish General Store will be the exclusive e-tailer AND retailer in Canada, for the foreseeable future. Once word gets out, I know other stores will grab them up but we are the first!

So what is it that’s causing me to be so stoked? (Sorry, little surfer girl/Canadiana creeping in there!)


It comes to us from Sweden, and I think, falls into the revolutionary category of products. It also, like the Cuppow and reCAP, falls into the WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT? category!

The Freekey is a brilliant little invention that solves that small but insanely annoying problem of being unable to get keys off a keyring easily, and it is going to save fingernails in households across our fair country…starting as early as the end of this week, because that’s when we our first shipment will arrive. Stay tuned for the announcement about when they have landed, here, on our store Facebook page and on our Twitter, @delishgenstore.

The Freekey will sell for $5.50 and the Freekey System, with three additional smaller Group Rings for easier key organization (e.g. home, vehicles, work) will sell for $7.50.

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5 Responses to “Your fingernails will thank you…the Freekey is coming to Canada!”

  1. Jen says:

    Nice to meet you at the Market last weekend! I LOVE my new mason jar mugs and I can’t wait for my pu my next order:)


  2. admin says:

    Hi Jen,

    Sweet!! I’m glad you love them!

    We are building a really cool Jar Bar for the next market (Clayburn Day), and hope to see you there…


  3. I am so happy you posted this!

  4. colleen says:

    have to have some of those jar toppers…seriously!

  5. colleen says:

    oh I can walk to Clayburn days!…Yeah!

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