Do it while you’re thinking of it

Wednesday June 26th 2013, AT 8:03PM   Leave a comment

On the scale measuring procrastination, there are procrastinators, SUPER procrastinators, and then there’s me.

I always have good intentions, I usually have a reasonable explanation, I sometimes have a good excuse, but I rarely get things done (started or finished) that I thought at one point or another I should.

Do it while you’re thinking of it is not a term I have coined, I’m sure, but it’s one that popped into my head tonight as I reached for the bottle of balsamic vinegar that sits beside the stove and found it all sticky. My first thought was that I should rinse it off in the sink. My second instinct was to tell myself that I would do it later. Then the voice in my head said, you guessed it, do it while you’re thinking of it.

And you know what? It wasn’t difficult, or time-consuming, but it was a small task that will make a small bit of difference the next time I go to use the balsamic vinegar.

So why is it that things — tasks both big and small — usually don’t get done? Why is it that we procrastinate and think we’ll do them later…and then never do?

The why is probably not important, come to think of it. Like I said, there are reasons and excuses, there are also assignments due and kids or pets or husbands needing a cuddle or a nap or a snack or a bath. There’s always going to be something.

I’m going to try to adopt this simple philosophy, though, of doing it while I’m thinking of it, rather than letting things pile up and go undone.

I’m curious, how do our readers avoid procrastination? Do you give yourself a reward for finishing something, or is it simply in your nature to not leave something unfinished? (And if it is, can you come to my house please?)

Hope you are well, Delish readers. I am back and will be trying to update on a more regular basis. Soon enough, this space will morph over into the online journal at Delish General Store. Stay tuned!

Make everything with love,

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