Meet our contributors (past and present)

As a mom to two little girls time is a precious commodity for Cheryl Arkison. Time to create, cook, write, and still be silly with the family. Bringing the kids into the kitchen and creating together is the perfect solution for finding balance, inspiration, and a few laughs. See more of her at Naptime Quilter & Backseat Gourmet, as well as
Most times you can spot Tracey Ayton with a camera in hand, a leash in the other with her rather large, goofy looking dog, Griffon, at the end of it. After shooting weddings for 12 years, it was time for a switch and to start shooting what she truly loves to shoot: home interiors, gardens and lifestyle. You can find her at
Kelsey Banfield is The Naptime Chef, and at, she shares webisodes, recipes and ideas on how to fit delicious food into everyday family life, without compromising quality or taste. She is also the author of the upcoming cookbook, The Naptime Chef: Fitting Great Food Into Family Life (Running Press, Spring 2012). Kelsey writes a daily column on Babble’s food blog, The Family Kitchen.
Catherine Basso is a married mamma of two members of the male population. She has stacks of journals and poetry books chronicling her life: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Always trying to live out on a limb (because that’s where the fruit is), Cat is a student with a Spiritual guide, looking to get the most of this tapestry of life and all the threads that touch hers. Read more at
Maggie Brereton is a self-taught seamstress who sells beautifully handmade items for children and momma. She is a busy momma to three little ones, three and under, who are her inspiration. She loves all things momma and has had a knack for making things all her life. You can find her unique and one-of-a-kind goods at her etsy shop,, and you can read all about her life as a momma as well as many of her sewing and craft tutorials and delicious step-by-step recipes at
A journalist since 1991, Kevin Byrne is a veteran newspaper reporter, TV news producer, music writer, film critic and entertainment blogger whose credentials include stints at PARADE magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and Fox News. He is also known as a devotee to a troika of hardboiled writers he refers to as “the Holy Trinity” (Cormac McCarthy, Hunter S. Thompson and Frank Miller).
Editorial associate at a social media agency by day, Shelby Chambers dabbles in ballet, trains for triathlons, paints, and develops new recipes in her spare time. Next, she hopes to master the perfect pie crust and finish Swann’s Way, just as soon as she conquers her love of the couch and caffeine. Shelby enjoys writing about music, food, and art. Visit her at
Katy Dill must always be playing with fiber and needles, it’s not just a desire, it’s a need. She has 5 little girls who happily wear her creations…usually. Sewing is where she spends most of her creative time, but also keeps her hands busy with playing the harp, photography, and baking. You can follow her adventures and projects at No Big Dill.
Jenna Edmiston is a young mother learning the art of balancing. She loves spending time in the kitchen with her five year old daughter creating healthy, wholesome meals. In between balancing family, work and her personal life, she tries to keep a healthy lifestyle with an open mind and heart. Head over to where she shares her thoughts on food, body image and children.
Sophie Fern is a slightly homesick Kiwi living in Tasmania, Australia where she is spending the next couple of years studying Antarctic animals in literature. Although she is used to living in the country she now loves living within walking distance of some fabulous bakeries. Even though she is a student (again!) she still reads far too much and spends a lot of time exploring a new city with her beloved dog.
Caitlin Gambee is a freelance publicist living in Boston, MA. She comes from a family with 30 years in the fine dining restaurant business and has a deep love for food and wine. She is a DIY junkie, gardening enthusiast, and is currently passionate about planning the first race for colon cancer in Massachusetts. You can find her blog at
Annora Holland comes from Cork, Ireland but has found her little piece of heaven on Sydney’s northern beaches. Growing up with a camera in one hand and a drawing pen in the other, she now works as a graphic designer in Sydney. She finds endless pleasure in the beaches she lives by, sewing, reading, baking (even when it burns!), drawing, painting, photography, typography, and all things paper.
Gillian Horsey is a stay-at-home mom of two precious baby girls. She loves venturing out for walks in the mountains, hand-in-hand with her girls, and with cameras around her neck. With a passion for photography and all things pretty, she’s a welcome addition to the Delish team.
Alia Ledoux‘s love affair with food and wine began during her sabbatical in Paris. One of her greatest pleasures in life is sitting around the table with a perfectly aged bottle of red, wonderful food and great company. After receiving her Advanced Diploma from the UK-based Wine and Spirit Education Trust, she began Alia Personal Sommelier. Learn more about Alia at
Kate Lister is a mother of two, who works in corporate communications. The rest of her time she spends marveling at her growing family, enjoying quality time with friends, entertaining in her home, and traveling to visit family. If she’s lucky, she squeezes in hobby time experimenting in the kitchen, doing paper crafts, and desperately trying to finish her latest book.
The daughter of Mexican immigrants who grew up in the Los Angeles area, Clementina Llanes preserves traditional recipes in her blog, A Little Cup of Mexican Hot Chocolate ( When she is not writing for this guide to cooking like your abuelita, she enjoys painting, entertaining friends and spending time in her garden.
Carla Lucchetta is a feature writer, book critic, television producer/commentator and editor/collector of a forthcoming creative non-fiction anthology entitled Lonely Boy. Her blog and a listing of articles can be found at Her television essays can be seen at
Alexis Meschi is a self-taught clothing designer and seamstress. In creating her original pieces, she reuses many of the materials from great thrift shop bargains, as well as those already in her home. A stay-at-home mom to three girls, Alexis believes that you don’t need money, status or influence to create something of beauty or substance. You need heart.
Dawn Mori is a freelance writer based in Southern California. She writes for various regional and national publications and loves to share stories of fascinating people, their work, and their communities. She currently spends her spare time commuting, reading global newspapers online, and making homemade ice cream for family and friends.
Gail Nowakowsky‘s superpower is to master and excel at any craft she attempts. These range from the more run-of-the-mill sewing, knitting, and crocheting, to the more unusual and challenging pattern drafting, Moose hair tufting, wheat weaving, and pine needle basketry. She cooks, bakes, and cans in her spare time, also while manning the “Mom, how do I…?” hotline.
Lori O’Hara is a mom, writer, speech therapist and cat-wrangler on an unending quest for the perfect, calorie-free chocolate chip cookie. She helps parents learn the art of child language development at Your Child Talking ( and blogs working-mom domestic drama at In Pursuit of Martha Points. She tweets @marthapoints.
Stevie Rose lives in Vancouver, BC, where she grows over 100 edibles, 400 perennials, and countless other plants in her small urban yard and community garden plot. She believes that a trowel is as good as a paintbrush for creating art, that earthworms are gifts from the gods, and that everything tastes better when you grow it yourself. Check her out at
Gillian Young loves nothing more than sitting at the dinner table for hours over a great meal. She is passionate about French pastries, road trips, anything made with chipotle, B.C wine, picnics, dresses and poetry. She has been called a lush more than once. Get to know her better at
Dyana Valentine is the Delish DyVa and a professional instigator. You are most likely to find her on a stage, rocking a workshop or working with her chosen few individual clients. She asks (and answers) the tough questions that help you move through your personal and professional life with aplomb. Check her out at and follow her on Twitter (@DyanaValentine)!
Lindsay Wilkes designs and sells handmade children’s clothing through her etsy shop. She is married to her high school sweetheart and is the Mama of two little ladies, Savannah Rose and Matilda Jane. Lindsay shares her cottage style and love of sewing, cooking, crafting and all things domestic through her blog. Check out her shop, The Cottage Mama and her blog, The Cottage Home.