The Delish Way — Make Everything With Love

Remember when a woman could call herself a homemaker without being met with derision? Yeah, we don’t either.

We enjoy cooking and baking, learning and teaching, sewing and knitting, making something — for ourselves and our loved ones. Those tasks that we like doing, where the enjoyment comes from knowing we’re taking care of our family, well…isn’t that homemaking? What’s so bad about that? What could possibly be bad about taking pride in those wonderful tasks that our mothers and our grandmothers and their mothers before them, did because there was no other choice?

Delish is all about those traditional values, but in a modern mindset. We’re about the revival of the domestic arts, in the current context. We’re about not just getting through it, but approaching homemaking as an avocation. (av·o·ca·tion An activity taken up in addition to one’s regular work or profession, usually for enjoyment; a hobby.)

And so we’ve made it our mission to reclaim the word and the title. Delish is about making a home, and not being embarrassed to be a homemaker. To wear that label, and to wear it proudly, because it’s important work, creating a stable home base — a haven in what feels like an increasingly unstable world.

Delish isn’t just for married Mamas with 2.5 kids, a dog, a cat, a minivan and a white picket fence.. You can be single, be married, be a widower or a divorcee, you can have kids, have an empty nest or not ever want to have kids at all. You can own a house, rent a loft, share an apartment, or live in a dorm. You can be young or be old or be somewhere in between. And you can have a full-time job, or work at home, or not work (a paying job, that is), and still be a homemaker. (And yes, definitely, you can also be a married Mama with 2.5 kids, a dog, a cat, a minivan, and a white picket fence!)

To us, making a home is not being afraid to try something you’ve always wanted to do, like making a quilt, making a loaf of bread, making the life you have always wanted. (Or, being afraid but doing it anyway.) It’s about not letting the fact that you’ve never done something before stop you from just starting.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a natural-born cook or grew up sewing at your mother’s side, or if you have to follow recipes or detailed instructions line by line, as long as you do it. So it’s our mission to expand that Just do it tag line. We say, Just make it. A dish, a crumble, a quilt, a costume, a bed, a table, a home, a family, a life. Just make it, and make it with love.

And by the way, by using the word homemaker we’re not advocating for a woman to become a frumpy housewife. It’s an outdated notion — that a woman who takes care of her family, house and home usually lets herself slide. We comfortably and quite happily use the modern tools and technology at our disposal, and we arm ourselves with information from health and environmental perspectives when it comes to the decisions we make for our households. (And you’ll also find a pair of really great boots and the perfect shade of lipstick in our arsenal.)

Delish is about helping you in your own homemaking quest and getting help from you, too. Our mandate, our free quarterly/seasonal e-magazine and our blog are about sharing tips and tricks, patterns and projects, recipes and reviews, sales and splurges.

Delish is about being aware, informed and involved. We don’t report news stories (anymore), but we do have an opinion about what goes on in our home, our community, and our world…and we’re usually not shy to share it.

Delish is a way of living life. We call it living like you mean it. We don’t advocate coasting, but rather, being a willing and eager participant in this life.

It’s not all fun, all the time (would it be too obvious to insert an “of course not” here?) but most of the time, it’s what we live, what we espouse, what we believe, what we do.

We make things. And we make everything with love.