How to Avoid Falls and Protect Your Kids from Serious Injury

Some falls, bruises, and scrapes are part of a normal childhood. Children will try to stretch their abilities. They are always trying to attempt to do things as they are curious about their surroundings. And at times, they simply stumble or they overreach as they keep practicing new skill sets. However, these falls might cause serious injury.

In fact, falls are the main cause of injuries that are caused by children who are less than 14 yrs. Hence you need to take necessary precaution to avoid serious injuries caused by fall.  The steps you need to take in order to protect the children will depend mainly on the child’s age.  Infants usually fall from the furniture and toddlers fall from windows. Both these age group are at the risk of falling from the stairs. Below mentioned are few tips that reduce the chance of falling in different age group.

Protecting infants:

  • The baby products you buy should meet the required safety standard. You could check out doodlebuckets for buying the products
  • You should never leave the infants alone on the furniture
  • You should buy baby swings and highchairs with a wide base so that it does not get easily tipped over
  • Ensure that the stairways have gates and keep them closed all the time

Protecting the toddlers

  • You should move the furniture away from all the windows
  • Install window guards on windows
  • Don’t let the child jump or play on top of furniture
  • Ensure that the equipment is safe and appropriate for the age when the child is taken to the playground
  • Ask your child to use the ladder for climbing the slides and never to climb up from the sliding surface.
  • Never let the child sit or stand in the shopping cart when you take him/her out for shopping