Meet Tamara and Cynthia

Tamara Komuniecki, Editor-in-Chief A broadcast and print journalist since 1994, Tamara has taken on every subject imaginable. All in the name of getting the story, she has attached herself to Siberian Huskies while on cross-country skis, covered murders, wars, fires and floods, commandeered a jet, learned to surf, and written about anti-cellulite running shoes. Media aside, she has also worked as a figure model, a clown at the zoo, a 911 operator, and a production assistant for U2. She considers herself a happy, if imperfect, homemaker and bakes, cooks and quilts with great passion. Her interests include design and architecture, sewing, and her family. Tamara’s personal motto is “Only boring people get bored”, and so she leads her three best guys (husband Konrad, son Finn, and pooch Duane) on all the adventures they can handle.

Five quick facts about Tamara
- Has had Arthritis since age 6 and is slowly becoming the Bionic Woman with her titanium joint replacements
- Likes gardening in a dress
- Always mucks up a mani or pedi within thirty minutes of walking out the nail salon (but usually from doing something like getting down on the floor with her son so it’s okay)
- is currently and for the next few years happily living in a renovation zone
- tells ‘Mom jokes’ with gusto

Cynthia Merriman, Design Director
Cynthia has been designing for the web and print projects for more than ten years, taking inspiration from the oodles of vintage and retro goodies she loves to surround herself with. When she can squeeze it in, she enjoys baking, reading the occasional novel or sewing an item for a loved one. Mum to three little ones and wife to a wonderful husband, she includes two Rhodesian Ridgebacks and a cat named Zero in the menagerie. She is currently shopping for ‘the’ perfect superpower that will help her combine the pleasures of motherhood and the pressures of owning a flourishing business. For now, however, all she can hope for is that the kids play nicely while Momma gets some work done.

Five quick facts about Cynthia
- Loves all things vintage but is a techie geek at heart
- Dreams of having her own chicken coop one day and also raising bees
- Thinks everyone needs to fingerpaint on a regular basis – with or without kids
- Takes time to smell the sweet peas
- Probably has way too many crushed Goldfish crackers and raisins in the bottom of her purse