Got Craft? holiday edition part 3

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I can write about Got Craft? from the perspective of being a vendor (with Delish General Store), and also a shopper…because it’s pretty much impossible to be at the event and not want to pick up a thing or two, even when my focus is on selling!

Here are a few more artisans whose goodies I’ll be looking at in person this weekend (I am going to take the descriptions straight from the Got Craft? web site, and sprinkle in my own editorial comments, where I feel they are needed, in italics!):

anonum design
We design & manufacture eco-style products. Our materials are used & every piece is a one-off. Our Motto: re-think | re-purpose ! anonum products: belts made of recycled fire hose; iPhone cases & iPad sleeves made of recycled print blankets from printing presses; shopping bags and messenger bags made of used sail cloth and more.

It’s nice to do the right thing with the motivation of doing the right thing — like recycling and reusing and repurposing with the payoff being solely the good of the environment…but it’s even better when there’s a double payoff. When you can feel like the products you are choosing are super cool, too…then it’s a win-win. Mission accomplished here – these wallets, bags, belts and more are (to use a term from my youth) rad.

Blue Spoons Paper Products
Selena Boer, illustrator and graphic designer, has always been drawn to wrapping paper, wall paper, and anything else with a pattern on it. She has finally put this passion for patterns on paper, literally. Blue Spoons Paper Products is a line of paper goods which includes an assortment of items such as greeting cards, postcards, wrapping paper and prints. Every design is a hand drawn pattern created with vibrant colours and printed on quality paper. These paper products are unique and can be used for every occasion!

Okay, this lady has talent…in spades. I think I may try to corner her and convince her to design fabric…

Chef Kev
Organic shortbreads & Biscotti, Chocolate bar with varieties of flavour & nuts, Nuts ( spicy, savoury, sweet, etc.) small gift boxes.

What can I say…I am going to try NOT to visit this booth. Because, really?? Have you seen the photo?? Macarons, oh mon dieu.

Conecktion is a collection of handcrafted original neckwear created in beautiful Whistler, BC! Specializing in creatively designed scarves using organic fabrics; everything from soy, bamboo, and cotton. Trending at this moment are detachable collars; a fun and funky way to spice up your tired t-shirts or dresses.

Not only are the detachable collars completely fashion-meets-function, but the scarf with the deer head on it? It’s just pure fun. Me want.

creampuff by gg
Creampuff girlie boxer shorts. Lil Bandaid tops. creampuff girlie boxer shorts are flirty pin-up style bloomers. Breathable, non-static, comfy & made to fit your girlie derriere! Wear ‘em instead of a slip to prevent thigh-rub, accent outfits, to bed as pj’s, over bathingsuits, as shorts or sexy lingerie. Lil Bandaid tops are no bigger than your bra & contoured to fill in too-low or too-revealing necklines. Same pretty breathable fabric in charming, sassy colours & coordinated prints. Not just undies – your new most-favourite wardrobe items are so cute who cares if they show!

I bet more than a few guys hope their special ladies drop by this table…

Daub + Design
Hand-dyed leggings, panties, scarves & swimwear made in our Gastown Studio.

On their info page on the Got Craft? list of vendors, I spot something cute and something sexy…so, basically, something for everyone and something for all of our moods!

Designs by Val
Modern, chic, sweet & fun greeting cards designed and printed locally in Vancouver, Canada. As a little girl, founder and designer Valerie Lau soon discovered something she had as much love for as chocolate: arts & crafts. This soon developed into a passion for creating paper goods. Each card often starts out as a simple sketch or a cluster of words, and after much attention to the design process, a new card is happily added to the collection. Designs by Val cards are printed using eco-friendly cardstock and packaged in biodegradable clear bags.

I always like to click over to a vendor’s own web site to see what they are all about…and this is one sweet, cute and impressive web site — which says a lot about the owner, Valerie, and her great eye for design. Which means, of course, that her products are equally adorable. Don’t miss them, I know I won’t!

More Got Craft? holiday edition vendor profiles coming up next time…’til then, here’s all you need to know:

Got Craft? holiday edition

Saturday, December 8 and Sunday, December 9, 2012
10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

$3.00 (kids 10 and under are FREE)

Croatian Cultural Centre 3250 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC, V5N 4E4

See you there!

Make everything with love,


Got Craft? holiday edition part 2

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To market, to market, to market we go! THIS WEEKEND! I’m talking about the Got Craft? holiday edition, of course! Here is our continuing coverage on the vendors you’ll find at this great and growing event – in this post I am still recapping the artisans I have covered before from the previous Got Craft? market.

My Little Lights
Just in time for spring/summer 2012, these sweet little colorful lights are hand made of organic thread. A string or two of these would be perfect for an apartment, dorm, or house.
Nostalgic Links
These make me wish I wore cufflinks! Jennifer crafts vintage and handcrafted cufflinks and tie tacks/pins, but luckily for the ladies, she also has some rings and earrings as well…at least on her etsy shop. Ranging from adorable to hilarious to beautiful, you can find a pair for any man in your life.

The Pauhaus
Get your button fix with this vendor, and don’t forget her greeting cards, paintings, prints, apparel and more! The Pauhaus’s web site seems to be down for the moment, but keep checking back to see their goodies, or just come on down to the event to see them in person!
Raven’s Rest Studio
Another Jill of all Trades, Raven’s Rest’s Jennifer Conway remakes discarded bits of daily life into wearable, useable and beautiful objets. This is another great way to combine environmental and fiscal responsibility, while supporting a local artist.

The Rice Babies
I think it would be impossible to walk by this table without buying something…and I don’t intend to do that! Dolls and crowns, what girl (big or small) wouldn’t want one of those?!

Robbie Vergara Screenprinting
It’s a bit of an understatement to say this line of illustrated tees, baby onesies, aprons and more is just super cool. They use encyclopedia images from the 18th and 19th Century, for crying out loud! Totally wearable, and incredibly…I’ll say it again…cool.

Roxypop Designs
We’re also looking forward to perusing Andrea’s selection of handmade goodies like crocheted apple cozies and soy wax filled teacups.

Sam Bradd Designs
Sam will be selling letterpress prints, cards, and textiles at this event, and I plan to add his “local food matters” tea towel to my collection. Many of his other items also speak to me because of their design and their message, like the “we are meant to eat together” letterpress print.
sassy contessa
Miranda Lievers is the woman behind Sassy Contessa, and she’s one of the most creative and talented people we know. A photographer, ceramic artist and crafter, her pieces come from a focus on her inspiration and not a decision to work in a particular medium. The picture here is of an air plant enclosure. We can’t wait to see what she’ll have on offer!

Sedated Clothing
Sedated Clothing is definitely anything but…this line’s wearables for women have caught my eye at other events, with its clever and beautiful artwork embellishing lovely items. I don’t think I’ll be able to resist a Noodles the Cat plays piano shirt this time!

Solder and Punch
“Solder and Punch Jewelry is inspired by the contrast between the industrial edges of the city and the ever encroaching wilderness on the fringes.” I couldn’t have said it better. These pieces, with their soft bits and hard bits, and graceful lines and pokey things, marry the meeting of the two worlds that we live in right now. I can’t wait to see this stuff in person.

The Tiny Fig
“monsters, mice & everything nice”? Where do I sign up?! You may like the t-shirts (French Toast is my very favorite), the prints, paper goods and jewelry — and I do, but I am coveting a Bird Feet tea towel!
Track and Field Designs
What a pretty combination these vintage-inspired laptop bags and pouches display — gorgeous old fashioned florals with amazing screened illustrations, and just a dash of lace to top it off. Note to designer Sasha Freeman: ever thought of doing pillows??

Twig Prints
Designer Abbie Finestone creates her Twig Prints fabric storage totes and tubs in Whistler, BC, and I envy her her surroundings. I can see the influences of nature and the wilderness in her beautiful work, and have been attracted to it every time I have seen it, at these events and in shops.
Urchin Bags
Who would have thought that reclaimed seat belts, used bicycle inner tubes, scrap vinyl and upholstery material could look so dang good?? Not me, I’ll admit it. Urchin’s owner and designer, Clare, is a lot more forward-thinking than I am, and makes wonderful bags, wallets and more, giving a second life to the items that might otherwise end up in a landfill.

Got Craft? holiday edition

Saturday, December 8 and Sunday, December 9, 2012
10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

$3.00 (kids 10 and under are FREE)

Croatian Cultural Centre 3250 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC, V5N 4E4

See you there!

Make everything with love,

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