Top 10 Common Signs of Drug Use and Addiction

Drug addiction can be handled effectively if help is given to the person at an early stage. Visit this site to know more about the various types of medical facilities available for those suffering from substance abuse. Here are some of the tell-tale signs that should be seen as a red flag that indicates the possibility of drug use or addiction. If you observe a few of these signs in a friend or a family member it is time to have the talk with them-

  1. The sudden shortage of funds-if your friend finds himself in financial crisis all the time perhaps all his money is being used up on drugs.
  2. Sudden changes in productivity- this could be due to the irregularities in the natural stimulant levels in the body caused by drug abuse.
  3. Relationship troubles
  4. A sudden change in the behavior including the failure to fulfill basic responsibilities
  5. Suddenly increased tolerance to the drugs which then leads to an overdose
  6. Loss of appetite or in some cases an increase in appetite
  7. Sleep Troubles
  8. Changes in the judgment which might lead to dishonest acts or deeds that the person usually never performs.
  9. People with drug abuse also prefer being isolated from others. This is seen to take a toll on their social life.
  10. There could also be certain physical changes like the feeling of shivers or jitters when the body starts craving for the drug. Some also start displaying withdrawal symptoms during a period of non-consumption of the drug.

Exercising control is not something that people suffering from addiction are capable of. Their body and mind start reacting in ways that they cannot influence. So it is very important to stop blaming and start supporting those who are going through substance abuse.