Top 10 Most Common Gym Injuries (and How to Prevent Them)

The injury could happen to anyone, any time during the workout irrespective of your fitness level or experience in working out.  In case you get injured, look at this site to get information about the treatment.

However, you could lower the risk of injuring yourself while working out if you take certain precautions.  Below mentioned are few common injuries that could happen in the gym.

Muscle strain and muscle pull- This is the most common injury. Ensure that you maintain correct form and keep yourself hydrated.

Sprained ankle – Running on an uneven surface can cause sprains. You can avoid it by performing exercises that strengthen the muscles in the foot and lower leg.

Knee injuries- Using heavy weights or performing many repetitions will cause harm to knees.  You could avoid these injuries by focusing on various exercises for strengthening the quadriceps and hips.

 Shoulder injury- Repeated overhead movements like military presses will lead to shoulder injury. You could avoid this injury by maintaining the right posture and using weights that are not too heavy.

Groin pull- Happens during lunges, squats and running.  You should perform adductor strengthening exercises.

Shin splint- It occurs when the muscles on the lower front leg get overstressed that cause pain in the shinbone. You need to wear good shoes while working out and should perform warm-up before the beginning of the session.

Pectoral sprain- It happens when you are performing heavy bench presses.  Gradually increase the weight while doing the bench press.

Dislocation or wrist sprain- Too many push-ups or barbell curls have cause strain on the wrist muscles. Avoid heavy weights and opt for kettlebell swings.

Low back strain – Deadlifts or squats with improper form could lead to lower back injuries. You need to correct the way before doing the exercise and gradually increase the weights.

Elbow pain – It happens when you lift heavy weights. Avoid fast repetitions and reduce the weight if you are feeling the strain.